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A New Publishing, Media, and Educational Initiative

Mission Statement

Karuna Publications (KP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit publishing and media organization dedicated to publishing books and other media to serve the spiritual and creative interests of individuals interested in Tibetan Buddhist practices and forms of learning. Karuna was created to meet the challenge of bringing authentic Tibetan Buddhist teachings, commentaries, practices, and compassionate ideals to English-speaking cultures in a such a way that the core principles can be skillfully integrated into these cultures and their educational systems.

An additional and substantial part of the mission of KP is to develop and publish books and projects in other media formats that explore the deep and beneficial links between compassion and creativity, the creative process, and the creative arts. To that end, KP is positioned to partner with various creative- and compassionate-themed organizations to bring these projects to fruition.

KP has already begun a partnership with Do Ngak Kunphen Ling (DNKL), a Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace (http://dnkldharma.org/) in Redding, CT, and its mission to teach Tibetan Buddhist dharma and promote compassionate living.

KP's publishing and media programs will serve as the publication arm of DNKL not only to meet their educational program goals for both Tibetan Buddhists practitioners and the broader community, but also in support of future plans to establish an accredited educational institution following the Tibetan "debate model" of study as a major center of Tibetan Buddhist education in the West, specifically in the northeastern United States.

Ultimately, it is the goal of KP to establish itself as a major publisher of both commercial and educational media with a strong and far-reaching worldwide presence through partnership with DNKL and other Tibetan Buddhist groups, creative- and compassionate-themed organizations, and educational institutions throughout the Western world.

Karuna Publications is a non-profit company and has a board of directors experienced in education, creative arts, publishing, religion, and business. The chairperson of the board of directors and publisher of KP is John Cerullo, a successful publishing veteran with 35 years' experience.

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