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How Patience Works:
The Quiet Mind to Benefit Others

Janet Kathleen Ettele

In How Patience Works, Troy continues his journey in the fable that began with How Generosity Works and How the Root of Kindness Works. The teachings of Master Shantideva's Perfection of Patience provide the guiding wisdom that leads Troy as he struggles to conquer the internal tyrant of his own anger. Building on the lessons learned from Grace in How Generosity Works and Abe in How the Root of Kindness Works, Troy and his girlfriend Maggie encounter another sage. Mrs. Sternau is an elderly widow who is a regular customer at the diner where they work. The mysterious way she shares her wisdom that crosses between dimensions of time unfolds into teaching Troy the next lesson he needs to learn: Patience.

Verses from Master Shantideva's chapter on Patience provide the backbone of wisdom to the message Mrs. Sternau delivers to Troy.

ISBN 978-1-937114-03-9, 200 pages, 4.5" x 6.5", hardcover, © 2013
U.S. $16.00

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